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John Couch Adams Biography

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John Couch Adams (June 5, 1819 January 21, 1892), was a British mathematician. His most famous achievement was predicting the existence and position of Neptune, using only mathematics. The calculations were made to explain discrepancies with Uranus's orbit and the laws of Kepler and Newton. At the same time, but unknown to both, the same calculations were made by Urbain Le Verrier. Le Verrier would assist Galle in locating the planet (September 1846); which was found within 1 of its predicted location, a point in Aquarius. Adams was born in Laneast, England and died in Cambridge.

He won the Gold Medal of the Royal Astronomical Society in 1866.

In 1884, he attended the International Meridian Conference as a delegate for Great Britain.

A crater on the Moon is jointly named after him, Walter Sydney Adams and Charles Hitchcock Adams. Neptune's outermost known ring and the asteroid 1996 Adams are also named after him.

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Biography of John Couch Adams
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